3D프린터 플래시포지 덕유항공

Adventurer 5M Pro 어드벤쳐5M 프로

Adventurer 5M Pro is a versatile 3D printer that can be used for parent-child bonding activities, household repairs, and creative teaching. Its fully enclosed design allows you fast and easy use while enjoying the process.

고속출력 다용도 3D프린터

Adventurer 5M Pro

Adventurer 5M 어드벤쳐5M

When creating, a good companion is essential to help. Adventurer 5M is the perfect assistant for beginners to bring ideas to life and unlock your potential.

초보자도 사용가능한 고속출력 3D프린터
Adventurer 5M

Adventurer 4 Pro 어드벤쳐 4 프로

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Pro offers higher print quality. With features of automatic leveling and 4-times print speed, it provides an efficient and easy-to-use experience for individuals, families and educational users.

높은 수준의 품질이 제공되는 고성능 3D 프린터
Adventurer 4 Pro

Adventurer 3 Pro 2 어드벤쳐3 프로2

Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro 2 adopts 3-times print speed, a new extruder fan structure and PEI flexible platform, meeting the needs of individuals, families and educational users with better print quality and convenient experience.

Adventurer 3 Pro 2

Adventurer 3 Pro 어드벤쳐3 프로

Adventurer 3 Pro supports PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF and other materials. Configured with upgraded Wi-Fi, 3D cloud printing, remote management.

Adventurer 3 Pro

Adventurer 4 어드벤쳐4

Adventurer 4 has a real leveling-free design of platform and a larger printing size. To integrate interest, daily life and working efficiency with intelligent printing experience for family consumers, educators and office users.

Adventurer 4

Guider II 가이더2

With 68% larger build volume, good to print models of large scale. High nozzle temperature and Compatible with more filaments.

68% 더 커진 빌드 볼륨으로 대규모 모델 프린팅에 적합합니다. 노즐 온도가 높고 더 많은 필라멘트와 호환됩니다.

Guider II

Guider IIs 가이더2s


A built-in camera for video monitoring
300℃ high-temperature extruder
Massive build volume: 280*250*300mm

영상 모니터링용 카메라 내장
300℃ 고온 압출기
대용량 빌드 볼륨: 280*250*300mm

Guider IIs

Adventurer 3 어드벤쳐3

Flashforge Adventurer 3 is a new generation of FDM 3D Printer, it is super smart and light. With a fully upgraded nozzle and removable heated print bed, you can enjoy free leveling and 45dB ultra quiet during operation.

Flashforge Adventurer 3는 차세대 FDM 3D 프린터로 매우 스마트하고 가볍습니다. 완전히 업그레이드된 노즐과 탈착식 히팅 프린트 베드를 통해 자유로운 레벨링과 작동 중 45dB의 초저소음을 즐길 수 있습니다.

Adventurer 3

Guider 3 Ultra 가이더3 울트라

Guider 3 Ultra enhances its active vibration compensation performance,features continuous and stable high-speed operation,and realizes rapid integral forming of complex models,truly leading high-efficiency manufacturing.

Guider 3 Ultra는 능동형 진동 보상 성능을 향상시키고 지속적이고 안정적인 고속 작동을 특징으로 하며 복잡한 모델의 신속한 통합 성형을 실현하여 진정한 고효율 제조를 선도합니다.

Guider 3 Ultra

Creator 3 Pro 크리에이터3 프로

Creator 3 Pro realizes further optimization of extruder structure and printing motion control. Flashforge Creator 3 Pro adopts new-type extruders, new heating assembly, and upgraded leveling sensors, greatly improving printing effects and quality.

Creator 3 Pro는 압출기 구조 및 인쇄 모션 제어의 추가 최적화를 실현합니다. Flashforge Creator 3 Pro는 새로운 유형의 압출기, 새로운 가열 어셈블리 및 업그레이드된 레벨링 센서를 채택하여 인쇄 효과와 품질을 크게 향상시킵니다.

Creator 3 Pro

Creator Pro 2 크리에이터 프로2

Designers and engineers use Creator Pro 2 to print product prototypes or complex parts of electronics. Its IDEX design greatly helps to reduce prototype time.

Creator Pro 2

Creator 4 크리에이터4

Creator 4, with 3 extruder options, supports flexible filaments, carbon fiber composites, and engineering-grade filaments. You can use Creator 4 to print shoe vamp, shoe pad, sporting supplies, phone cases, and other objects of flexible properties.

3가지 압출기 옵션을 갖춘 Creator 4는 유연한 필라멘트, 탄소 섬유 복합재 및 엔지니어링 등급 필라멘트를 지원합니다. Creator 4를 사용하여 신발 등받이, 신발 패드, 스포츠 용품, 전화 케이스 및 기타 유연한 특성의 개체를 인쇄할 수 있습니다.

Creator 4

Filament Drying Station 필라멘트 건조 스테이션

Creator4 is a multifunctional, flexible and high-performance commercial 3D printer. Filament Drying Station integrates 3D printing equipment placement, storage and drying of filaments. The combined use of them completes Flashforge’s 3D printing ecosystem.

Creator4는 다기능적이고 유연한 고성능 상업용 3D 프린터입니다. 필라멘트 건조 스테이션은 3D 프린팅 장비 배치, 필라멘트 보관 및 건조를 통합합니다. 이들의 결합된 사용으로 Flashforge의 3D 프린팅 생태계가 완성됩니다.

Filament Drying Station

Focus 6K  포커스 6K LCD 3D프린터

Flashforge Focus 6K is a large and high-precision LCD 3D printer contributes to digital transformation of dental clinics and denture processing plants. Allows high-quality, efficient and cost-effective implant, restoration and orthodontics 3d printing.

Focus 6K

Foto 8.9s 포토 8.9S

Flashforge Foto 8.9s has the same build volume (192*120*200mm) as Foto 8.9 but with new outer looks and updated lighting technology that furthermore improves printing success rate at the mean time of increasing printing accuracy.

Foto 8.9s

Foto 9.25 6K 포토 9.25

Foto 9.25 6K is a high-resolution LCD 3D printer equipped with a 9.25-inch 6K HD monochrome screen and the latest matrix light source design, so as to ensure accurately positioning and the presentation of model details.

Foto 9.25 6K

Hunter S 헌터 S

Flashforge’s New High-precision DLP 3D Printer Hunter S. Upgraded with patented optical engine, larger build volume, upgraded build plate, higher performance, Hunter S is applicable to more fields.

Hunter S

Guider 3 가이더3

Guider 3 is a professional 3d printer that offers faster speed, a material management system, and other intuitive features, aims to make small-batch production faster and more efficient.

Guider 3

Guider 3 Plus 가이더3 플러스

Guider 3 Plus, an engineering-grade 3D printer, supports the fast and stable printing of large-size and large-mass models, and meets the requirements of rapid prototype verification of multi-size parts with its newly designed internal structure.

엔지니어링 등급 3D 프린터인 Guider 3 Plus 가이더3 플러스는 대형 및 대용량 모델의 ​​빠르고 안정적인 프린팅을 지원하며, 새롭게 설계된 내부 구조로 다양한 크기의 부품에 대한 신속한 프로토타입 검증 요구 사항을 충족합니다.

Guider 3 Plus

Focus 6K XL  포커스 6K XL

Focus 6K XL is a large-format high-precision 3D printer for dental industry, developed for orthodontic dentistry and denture factories. Breaking through contradiction between precision and format, its large build volume meets mass customization demands.

Focus 6K XL

Finder 3  헌터3

Finder 3, the king of cost performance among desktop 3D printers, offering both powerful functions and fun.


Focus 8.9 포커스 8.9

Equipped with the newest intelligent manufacturing LCD technology developed by Flashforge, Focus 8.9 has been improved immensely in printing size, and is now available for various applications like orthodontics & prosthetics in stomatology.

Focus 8.9

WaxJet 400 왁스젯 400

With the multijet printing technology and a relatively large build plate, Flashforge WaxJet400 is able to mass-produce wax patterns with a smooth surface and high precision.

WaxJet 400

Hunter 헌터

Flashforge Hunter 3D Printer has a full HD 1080p light engine and advanced dual-core 800mhz ARM processor for ultra-fast performance. It supports multiple resin types (FH1100, FH1200, FH1400 & Detax Luxaprint 3D shell).